What It’s All About

For my first blog post, I want to tell you what the hell I am going to be writing about.  The Morkill Perspective is, like it suggests my perspective on various matters.  Now these matters will inherently be my interests.  But in order to answer that question I first have to explain what sparked those interests, and that probably means giving a quick synopsis on my life so far- where I come from, what I’ve done, and where I am heading.

I grew up just outside of Spokane, Washington, three minutes outside on a small farm.  I have one older brother who I consider my best friend, perhaps because we have both suffered the same torment of our parents.  I love my parents.  They gave me the best childhood I could have possible ask for- freedom and individuality to explore and discover, make mistakes or stumble on success.  They never tried to indoctrinate me to any ideology- be it political, economic, or religious.  They let me be a free thinker and told me to always question and analyze, though always trust myself.  “Question authority” is my dad’s favorite motto and I hold that message dear.   Because of my upbringing I would what you would probably call a progressive or liberal, though I hate labels as they usually hold negative connotations and generalities.  This is where my interest in politics emerged.  Another great aspect of my childhood was my location- the farm.  I grew up running in the fields and exploring the woods outback looking for bones, climbing trees, and building forts.  My childhood fascination with nature and the environment has not changed and I feel strongly connected with the Earth (no matter how cliché or tacky that may sound).  Humans, like all animals, get their strength from the earth.  We can only grow and prosper by the benefits the earth provides, as long as she’s healthy.  Unfortunately we are exploiting her right now as a free, limitless gift… My active outdoors lead me to another great passion of mine, sports.  Love playing and watching all forms, and I pride myself on my understanding and insight of many varities- football, rugby, soccer, basketball, hockey, golf, baseball, and the list goes on (order is somewhat based on prominence).

Anyways my whole schooling endeavor- elementary, junior high, high school, was actually a fantastic experience.  I know for many it was not, and that is a tragedy.  Unlike most however, I was giving an opportunity to go to boarding school for high school, and since it was a chance to get away from the ‘rents I took it.   From my high school Brentwood College on Vancouver Island, where I specialized in authoritarian resistance, I went on to college to the great University of Washington.  Initially I went down the pre-engineering path, as I thought it was of great interest; however, I realized my passion stemmed from the great instructors I had on the subject, and not aspirations of my own.  After a year-and-a-half of fucking around, wasting money and GPA, I decided on a major that interested me and for its relevance- political science.  I also majored in communication for its benefits and for my love of (mass) media.  Thankfully I graduated which leads me to this present date.

To make it short as this thread, blog, or whatever the hell you want to call it is becoming verbose I will finally get to my main point- what this blog is all about- my interests.  As you probably already gathered it will be about politics- my thoughts on recent news/events or ideological perspectives; sports- my analysis of (my favorite) teams, events like draft or tournaments, and even fantasy; environmental issues/solutions and activities (fly-fishing, camping, etc.); media and entertainment- my opinion on recent movies, music, or literature I just digested; and in other ideas or interest I find worth sharing.  Essentially this blog is about getting things off my chest, and may even serve a therapeutic purpose.

Oh and finally, and maybe most importantly I am going into the Peace Corps and I am shipping off to The Gambia in October.  So for the next two years or so this blog will be about my experiences and enlightenment in Africa; but there will be ample time to talk about that in much more detail in the future (with pictures hopefully accompanying my dreary posts…).


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About gmorkill

Graduate of University of Washington living in Seattle. Come from a very progressive family and hoping to share my thoughts on my interests/hobbies which include sports, politics, movies, music, books, food, etc. Overall I am just learning about myself and the world I encompass, trying to enjoy the moment.

One response to “What It’s All About”

  1. Peter says :

    Hi Garrett: Well done–Thank you for opening this window into your fertile mind. My own father did not encourage me to question authority (at least not at an early age), but like your dad he had an understanding of what is truly important for one’s well being—I fondly remember his advice to me in my childhood years to “shut up and look at the view”!

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