Quick Update

I am back from The Gambia!! Two years away.  It feels weird being back- it’s different, fast- and I miss Gambia. Put simply, it was an amazing experience. As you can see I did not blog while I was there, internet was scarce, but I did keep a journal so maybe I’ll type out some exerts. I learned extensively about life, lifestyle, culture, traditions, agriculture, people, relationships (the list could go on) and gained a family and countless friends.  I had endless experiences I will remember forever. You will read about my experience in later posts inshallah.

Before arriving back in America I traveled for a month, visiting first Canary Islands, then Morocco, Spain, and finally England. Traveling was a fun, exotic, adventure. May tell a tale or two of my travels or at least post some photos. Still throughout my travels and still now I constantly think of my home back in Gambia.

Since getting back a little over a week ago I went fishing in Montana with the Pops, chilled out at home, went to medical and dental appointments, and just visited a Trump rally to get my first taste of American politics since returning. It was a riot, couldn’t stop laughing at Donald and his magnificent hair- I love the guy.  Truly a  fantastic rumpus and a 1st class comedy. Perhaps more on that, Trump, and the election later.

Anyways I am back so the Perspective is back too. The blog will continue and will still be about my interests- sports, politics, economics, traveling, and whatever else pops into my head I believe worthy of a post. (Expect draft recap/analysis soon)


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About gmorkill

Graduate of University of Washington living in Seattle. Come from a very progressive family and hoping to share my thoughts on my interests/hobbies which include sports, politics, movies, music, books, food, etc. Overall I am just learning about myself and the world I encompass, trying to enjoy the moment.

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